Manna Pro Pro Force Equine Fly Mask

Manna Pro

Equine Fly Mask Made for Maximum Protection and Comfort

Product Features

  • Updated design with New Equi-Glo™ Nite Reflector!
  • Provides protection from flies and harmful UV rays
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable, double locking fastener
  • Designed to last with strong, Clear View Vision™ mesh
  • Includes Quick-Catch lead line loop
  • Fits horses from 900 to 1200 lbs.
  • Also available with ears!

Equi-Glo™ Nite Reflector Benefits:

  • Makes it easier to see your horse after dark
  • First reflective fly mask
  • Improved visibility for cars and hunters


Pro-Force Equine Fly Mask has been crafted for maximum protection and comfort for your horse. Our Clear View Vision ™ mesh shields your horse from harmful UV rays. The fleece lined trim prevents insects from irritating your horse, without undesirable friction or rubbing. Personalize your horses mask by writing his name on the white, sewn on, label. Use permanent marker for best results. 

1. When putting the mask on your horse, approach the horse from the left side. Directly approaching your horse with the mask could startle him. 
2. Open the double-locking fastener and place the ears through the mask with the forelock over the trim and mesh. Secure the double-locking fastener under the jaw. 
3. Once the mask has been fastened with the right amount of snugness, check each side of the horses face by allowing your fingers to slip comfortably between the mask and your horse. The mask fabric should not be too close to your horse’s eyes; ensure the eye lashes do not poke through the material. 
4. Straps can be adjusted for a custom fit. Checking the mask daily is recommended. Examine the condition of your horses face and eyes. Check for any damage to the mask. Replace the mask if damage is found, as it is difficult to repair. 
It’s important to keep the mask clean. Wash the mask periodically, with mild soap and water. Check the fleece for trapped burrs or other foreign matter.

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