Hudson Wet or Dry Hose End Sprayer


  • Hand-held garden sprayer that attaches to your hose with ergonomic handle and control thumb switch.
  • Five wet and two dry dosage settings plus water-only.
  • Sprays up to 189 litres of all water-soluble concentrates.
  • Rotating head with three spray patterns.
  • Heavy-duty construction and easy-to-fill jar.
  • One-year warranty.

About the Hudson Wet or Dry Hose End Sprayer

The Hudson Wet or Dry Hose End Sprayer allows you to hose-on water-soluble concentrates onto your lawn or plants – up to 189 litres. This multi-function precision garden sprayer takes liquid/wet and granular/dry concentrates, with five liquid and two granular dosage settings for properly-diluted solutions. The rotating head gives you three spray patterns: bullet spray for trees, high places and tough rinse jobs; gentle shower for flowers, delicate shrubs and roses; and flat spray for lawns and large areas. Its heavy-duty construction reflects the dependability that comes from the Hudson name.

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