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Bluetooth Smart Combination Padlock, Exterior

Master Lock

Exterior Bluetooth smart padlock, 2-7/32" wide metal body for durability, 1/32" diameter shackle offers 2" vertical clearance & is made of boron alloy, offering maximum resistance to cutting & sawing, injection molded body cover, elastomer shackle seals & weather protected internal components, use your smartphone to open your lock with the free master lock vault locks app, never worry about a forgotten combination, share access with others temporary or permanent, share 24/7 access or limit to days or nights, monitor access history & receive tamper alerts, backup access using directional code on lock keypad, low battery notification & reminder on padlock & in app, comes with easy to replace cr2450 battery, battery jump allows for temporary access if battery dies while locked, locker mode setting allows for storage inside a locker, compact footprint fits most lockers.

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