Effective Non-Toxic Reusable Yellow Jacket and Wasp Traps!

Catches 9-12 times more than competitor traps!

The BioCare® Yellowjacket and Wasp Trap is a slim-jar trap, which safely and efficiently catches Yellowjackets and other wasps by baiting and capturing them in the jar. This trap is more effective because it lets a few insects escape and return to the nest - they then revisit to the trap, bringing more wasps with them right into the trap!  One Yellowjacket lure included. Made in the USA!
The BioCare® Yellowjacket and Wasp Trap is a non-toxic and reusable trap that effectively catches yellow jackets and wasps using only natural ingredients. Our Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap catches 9-12 times more than competitors in independent university testing. The trap contains yellow pigments and a special UV dye that is especially attractive to yellowjackets and wasps. Side entry holes make it easier for yellowjackets and wasps to get into the trap. Yellow jackets and wasps can be controlled effectively using our trap without the adverse environmental affects caused by pesticide based traps.
Fill jar ½ full with sugar water, apple juice, or other non-citrus juice. Add 2 drops of dish soap and contents of the bait packet. To increase catches, add a dime size portion of protein bait like fish, cat food, hot dog or hamburger meat. Knot one end of the twist-tie hanger and slide through hole in the lid. Hang the trap securely away from food areas and out of reach of children and pets. Traps can also be placed on the ground. Rinse and re-bait the trap when full of insects or every 2-3 weeks. Traps work best in warmer weather. Use 4-6 traps per yard for best results.

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